Snowy Owl: A Visual Natural History

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  A stunning, visual exploration into the life of the mysterious Arctic Owl—one of the world’s most beloved and striking creatures. Snowy Owls capture our imagination and fascinate us with their beauty, yet they remain one of the least understood owls in the world. Here, award-winning author and photographer Paul Bannick delves into the natural history of these owls, providing a comprehensive yet accessible look at where and how they live, including their preferred habitat and seasonal migrations, hunting and breeding behavior, and how they nest and raise their young. Bannick’s images are complemented by his narrative, which includes evocative passages about his time in the field observing and photographing Snowy Owls. He also highlights what each of us can do to protect the Snowy and its habitat. Few of us will be lucky enough to ever see a Snowy Owl in the wild, but Bannick’s stories and images offer a vivid, intimate, and memorable look at these enigmatic birds.  

Special Features

  • 128 pages
  • 9.2 x 8.2 inches
  • hardcover
  • 1.7 pounds
  • 85 new images
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