Great Gray Owl: A Visual Natural History

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  The Great Gray Owl–also known as the Phantom of the North, Great, Gray Ghost, and Bearded Owl–is one of the largest owl species and lives in the western mountains and boreal regions of North America. Award-winning author and photographer Paul Bannick delves into the natural history of this owl species, including the latest research, providing readers with comprehensive yet accessible looks at their preferred habitat, hunting and feeding behavior, mating and nesting actions, owlets and fledglings, and more. Bannick’s unique and gorgeous owl images are enhanced by additional images of the owls’ habitats and other species that share the Great Gray ecosystems. Throughout each narrative, his time in the field observing and photographing these enigmatic birds comes to life in evocative, experiential passages.  

Praise for Paul’s new books:

“Award-winning photographer Paul Bannick of Seattle has compiled two showy coffee-table tombs for owl-lovers and those who want to look at cool, photos of owls uninterrupted in nature. Many of the stunning photos feature behaviors that have rarely, if ever, been captured by cameras, accompanied by first-hand accounts from Bannick’s nearly 20 years of field observation and the latest science.”
Outdoors NW

“These two books are must haves for fans of Paul Bannick’s photography!”
Birdbooker Report

“Local nature photographer and owl pal Paul Bannick has released two-hoo-hoo beautiful new books. With Snowy Owl and Great Gray Owl, Bannick trains his lens on these magnificent beasts, educating readers in the habitats and habits of, as he calls them, “two of the world’s most charismatic birds.””

“If your average picture is worth a thousand words, a Paul Bannick wildlife photograph is worth 20,000. Having worked with wildlife photographers for articles in Audubon, Smithsonian, Sierra, National Wildlife and other magazines for 45 years, I have yet to encounter one who better captures the magic and beauty of the natural world. I was absolutely blown away by his two recent books — Snowy Owl and Great Gray Owl. No tame, game-farm birds in these spectacular collections or in any of Bannick’s work. He immerses himself in the wild and brings his viewers and readers along with him. Little wonder that he is a multiple award winner.”
— Ted Williams, award winning wildlife journalist

“‘Great Gray Owl’ and ‘Snowy Owl’ are two visually spectacular and informatively captioned photographic compendiums that are a pure delight to browse through and a ‘must’ for the growing legions of birdwatching enthusiasts.”
Midwest Book Review

“Although the two books are most impressive for their outstanding photographs, they incorporate natural history information, first-person accounts of the author’s owling experiences and sections on the birds’ conservation statuses and what we can do to help.”
Nancy Lord, Anchorage Daily News

““Snowy Owl: A Visual Natural History” and “Great Gray Owl: A Visual Natural History,” both by Paul Bannick (Mountaineers Books). From a Seattle photographer and publisher, these two books are “extraordinary, for any bird lovers on anyone’s list,””
Georgiana Blomberg of Magnolia’s Bookstore

Special Features

  • 128 pages
  • 9.2 x 8.2 inches
  • hardcover
  • 1.7 pounds
  • 85 new images
  • $18.95 plus shipping and handling, will be shipped shortly after October 1, 2020